Psalm 100 (II)

1650 psalter

The heartfelt thanksgiving of the Great Congregation led by Messiah

Though Christ assumed human nature to Himself, yet He is God. This is our faith and belief; this is our testimony, “Know ye that the Lord, He is God.” He it is that made us and not we ourselves, “For by Him were all things created: all things were created by Him and for Him: and by Him all things consist.” As we cannot create ourselves, so neither can we regenerate ourselves. We are His people and sheep by sovereign donation and gift, from the Father to His Son. In the light of these tremendous activities, then our entrance into the church with its ordinances every Sabbath, ought to be with spiritual exuberance and fullness of praise. David ends this eulogy of Christ by stating, God is good, God is merciful, and God is truth.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: Old 100th

Old 100th

Psalm 100 – Second Version (Common metre)

¹O all ye lands, unto the LORD
Make ye a joyful noise.
²Serve GOD with gladness, him before
Come with a singing voice.

³Know ye the LORD that he is God;
Not we, but he us made:
We are his people, and the sheep
Within his pasture fed.

⁴Enter his gates and courts with praise,
To thank him go ye thither:
To him express your thankfulness,
And bless his name together.

⁵Because the LORD our God is good,
His mercy faileth never;
And to all generations
His truth endureth ever.