The Canons of Dort

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The Canons of Dort was the product of a synod of Reformed Churches which met between the Nov 13, 1618 and May 6, 1619 in Dort (or Dordecht), Holland to examine the teachings of the disciples of a Jacobus Arminius, known as the Remonstrants. These had wanted their articles of faith to be adopted by the Churches in Holland, and so had petitioned the Dutch Parliament with a Remonstrance containing 5 points. The parliament called for the Synod, and the result was that the 5 articles of the Remonstrance were condemned…

Canons of Dort & Five Points of Calvinism
Articles on the Canons of Dort and Five Points of Calvinism (“TULIP”)
  1. Canons of Dort & Five Points of Calvinism
  2. Total Depravity
  3. Unconditional Election
  4. Limited Atonement
  5. Irresistible Grace
  6. Perseverance of the Saints
  7. Practical Implications of Calvinism