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  • 11 June 2023

    Morning Service

    “Divine Healing: Christ’s Healing Ministry”
    Prof Arie Baars on Matthew 8:16-17


    [1] 147:1-11 (Thanksgiving)
    [2] 45:1-6 (1st metre; Praetorius)
    [3] 103:8-15 (Crediton)
    [4] 72:17-19 (Effingham)

  • Evening Service

    “Divine Persuasion: Christ’s Door-Knocking”
    Prof Arie Baars on Revelation 3:20


    [1] 118:19-29 (Crediton)
    [2] 27:1-5 (Jackson)
    [3] 25:4-10 (Franconia)

New articles

  • Chosen in Christ
    We cannot save ourselves because all our righteous deeds are filthy rags in the sight of God. We cannot pay for our sins, nor can we win a place in heaven by good works. What hope, then, do we have?
  • The Children of God’s Wrath
    If you know that you are a sinner, dead in trespasses and sin, know that you are bound for hell, and hear Christ calling, you are Lazarus. Christ is calling you: “Lazarus, come forth!” 
  • The Fall of Mankind
    Adam’s sin resulted in sin and death for all mankind. You and I are sinners because of Adam’s sin. You and I deserve to die because of Adam’s first sin.
  • What Is Sin?
    Righteousness is not what people say of you or how honest or gentlemanly you are. To be righteous in God’s eye is to be perfectly aligned with God’s law.
  • Meditation by the Lord’s Table
    Herein is set forth how by free grace alone a man can be converted to God and be led to faith in Christ, and also how spiritual life will manifest itself in such a person. 
  • The One Holy Catholic Church
    May the one Holy Catholic Church grow brighter and brighter as the light of Christ shines through us as individuals and as churches enjoying His light of righteousness and love.

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