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1650 psalter
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If this is your first time visiting a Reformed Presbyterian church, you may want to familiarise yourself with our worship practices at this page: What is Biblical Worship?.

  • All worshippers are kindly requested to be seated at least 5 minutes before time for prayerful preparation. Parents with very young children are requested to sit at the back rows.
  • We use the Authorized King James Version and the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter during our worship services. There are extra copies of both bibles and psalters available in church.
  • We have two services: morning and evening. All are encouraged to attend both services on the Lord’s Day. We would also encourage you to stay back after the services for fellowship with us over lunch (morning) and light refreshment (evening).
  • We have communion services every two months. Only communicant members, and believers who have been interviewed and approved by the Session are to partake of the Lord’s Supper.
  • There is no strict dress code. Ladies are encouraged to wear head-covering during service.
  • Children are encouraged to join the adults in our services. We do not have a separate service for children; however, there is a nursery and a crying room available for parents with young children.
  • Our unit is wheel-chair accessible.