Psalm 108

1650 psalter

Messiah, on behalf of restored Israel, raising the shout of victory

Mix Psalms 57 and 60, and you have this psalm in essence. It is an outburst of praise by David, as he considers the heights of God’s mercy and truth. The heart that has known such, will rise with highest vocal praise, and desire that God would be uplifted and glorified. This is especially manifested when the elect or the beloved know deliverance. Such salvation is effected by God’s right Hand. That could mean His power, for power belongs to Him; or that it results from the ministry of the Man at His right Hand, the Lord Jesus Christ. All enemies will be subdued. Even Philistia is ruled by God under the metaphor of a shoe being cast. This was a similitude of redemption by a goel, or kinsman.

Of ourselves, we can do nothing, but through God we shall do valiantly.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: St Asaph

St Asaph

Psalm 108

¹My heart is fix’d, Lord; I will sing,
And with my glory praise.
²Awake up psaltery and harp;
Myself I’ll early raise.

³I’ll praise thee ‘mong the people, LORD;
‘Mong nations sing will I:
⁴For above heav’n thy mercy’s great,
Thy truth doth reach the sky.

⁵Be thou above the heavens, Lord,
Exalted gloriously;
Thy glory all the earth above
Be lifted up on high.

⁶That those who thy beloved are
Delivered may be,
O do thou save with thy right hand,
And answer give to me.

⁷God in his holiness hath said,
Herein I will take pleasure;
Shechem I will divide, and forth
Will Succoth’s valley measure.

⁸Gilead I claim as mine by right;
Manasseh mine shall be;
Ephraim is of my head the strength;
Judah gives laws for me;

⁹Moab’s my washing–pot; my shoe
I’ll over Edom throw;
Over the land of Palestine
I will in triumph go.

¹⁰O who is he will bring me to
The city fortified?
O who is he that to the land
Of Edom will me guide?

¹¹O God, thou who hadst cast us off,
This thing wilt thou not do?
And wilt not thou, ev’n thou, O God,
Forth with our armies go?

¹²Do thou from trouble give us help,
For helpless is man’s aid.
¹³Through God we shall do valiantly;
Our foes he shall down tread.