Psalm 113

1650 psalter

Praise to Him who redeems from the lowest depth

From this psalm to Psalm 118, are songs that were to be sung at the Passover. They are called, ‘The Hallel Psalms,’ or ‘Praise Psalms.’ It begins with ‘Hallelujah.’ One or more of these were sung by our Lord and His disciples in the upper room. There is the declaration that the Lord’s Name would be universally known. Christ would be preached from the rising to the setting of the sun. Twice, the being of God is shown to be higher than all nations, and all heavens, and yet he deigns to stoop from such exaltation and transcendence to consider dunghill dwellers. That is, sinners are drawn out of the mire, and given a place amongst the likes of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the princes of the church. Whether the last verse is literal, or spiritually intended of the church, the truth is evident. Barrenness will give place to fertility.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: St Etheldreda, St Asaph

St Etheldreda
St Asaph

Psalm 113

¹Praise GOD: ye servants of the LORD,
O praise, the LORD’s name praise.
²Yea, blessed be the name of GOD
From this time forth always.

³From rising sun to where it sets,
GOD’s name is to be prais’d.
⁴Above all nations GOD is high,
‘Bove heav’ns his glory rais’d.

⁵Unto the LORD our God that dwells
On high, who can compare?
⁶Himself that humbleth things to see
In heav’n and earth that are.

⁷He from the dust doth raise the poor,
That very low doth lie;
And from the dunghill lifts the man
Oppress’d with poverty;

⁸That he may highly him advance,
And with the princes set;
With those that of his people are
The chief, ev’n princes great.

⁹The barren woman house to keep
He maketh, and to be
Of sons a mother full of joy.
Praise to the LORD give ye.