Psalm 114

1650 psalter

Praise to Him who has redeemed, and will again redeem His Israel

The Exodus was an amazing display of God’s power and providence. A nation was released from captivity without a war, and miraculously brought through the Red Sea and Jordan into the Promised Land. Mighty obstacles were removed, and questions asked of them, why did you act against natural laws? So these obstacles are figuratively accredited with beholding the great movement of God delivering His people, and stepping backwards in awe and wonder.

This historical fact is also emblematic of the salvation and deliverance of God’s people in all ages, from the bondage of sin and Satan. That was, and is, achieved by the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the spiritual Rock that was smitten for them, and from whom flows living waters.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: Effingham


Psalm 114

¹When Isr’el out of Egypt went,
And did his dwelling change,
When Jacob’s house went out from those
That were of language strange,

²He Judah did his sanctuary,
His kingdom Isr’el make:
³The sea it saw, and quickly fled,
Jordan was driven back.

⁴Like rams the mountains, and like lambs
The hills skipp’d to and fro.
⁵O sea, why fledd’st thou? Jordan, back
Why wast thou driven so?

⁶Ye mountains great, wherefore was it
That ye did skip like rams?
And wherefore was it, little hills,
That ye did leap like lambs?

⁷O at the presence of the Lord,
Earth, tremble thou for fear,
While as the presence of the God
Of Jacob doth appear:

⁸Who from the hard and stony rock
Did standing water bring;
And by his pow’r did turn the flint
Into a water–spring.