Psalm 116

1650 psalter

The Redeemer’s Resurrection-song of Thanksgiving

If this psalm was sung in the upper room, where the cup drunk under the Old Testament dispensation was replaced by the New Testament cup of blessing, then the disciples had now partaken of its contents. As such, they could sing with feeling (v. 13), “I will take the cup of salvation.”

But essentially the psalm speaks of the experience of our Lord, who had fulfilled His covenant vows in their presence, and anticipated His own death. With an acute awareness, He envisages the sorrows of death and the pains of hell laying hold on Him. That is, the wrath and curse of God was to envelope Him and bring Him down to the grave. Yet even then, He could commit His soul and know that it would enter into rest. He entered into His rest, and His people will also enter into it. Their death is precious, for they die in Christ, and therefore they will live with Him. Though David’s experience is stated here, yet Christ also paid His vows in the midst of Jerusalem, and was true to them unto death.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: Coleshill, St Etheldreda

St Etheldreda

Psalm 116

¹I love the LORD, because my voice
And prayers he did hear.
²I, while I live, will call on him,
Who bow’d to me his ear.

³Of death the cords and sorrows did
About me compass round;
The pains of hell took hold on me,
I grief and trouble found.

⁴Upon the name of God the LORD
Then did I call, and say,
Deliver thou my soul, O LORD,
I do thee humbly pray.

⁵GOD merciful and righteous is,
Yea, gracious is our LORD.
⁶GOD saves the meek: I was brought low,
He did me help afford.

⁷O thou my soul, do thou return
Unto thy quiet rest;
For largely, lo, the LORD to thee
His bounty hath exprest.

⁸For my distressed soul from death
Deliver’d was by thee:
Thou didst my mourning eyes from tears,
My feet from falling, free.

⁹I in the land of those that live
Will walk the LORD before.
¹⁰I did believe, therefore I spake:
I was afflicted sore.

¹¹I said, when I was in my haste,
That all men liars be.
¹²What shall I render to the LORD
For all his gifts to me?

¹³I’ll of salvation take the cup,
On GOD’s name will I call:
¹⁴I’ll pay my vows now to the LORD
Before his people all.

¹⁵Dear in GOD’s sight is his saints’ death.
¹⁶Thy servant, LORD, am I;
Thy servant sure, thine handmaid’s son:
My bands thou didst untie.

¹⁷Thankoff’rings I to thee will give,
And on GOD’s name will call.
¹⁸I’ll pay my vows now to the LORD
Before his people all;

¹⁹Within the courts of GOD’s own house,
Within the midst of thee,
O city of Jerusalem.
Praise to the LORD give ye.