Psalm 118

1650 psalter

The Redeemer’s Conflict, Triumph, and Glorification, shared in by His Redeemed

William Cowper, who was a sensitive child, and bullied by older boys, used v. 6 for comfort. George Whitefield also used vv. 10 & 11 to the same purpose. Wycliffe, when surrounded by monks urging him to recant, cried out v. 17. Luther said, “This is my psalm, this is my friend.” And our Lord quoted v. 22, which shows its Messianic intention. After singing this in the upper room, our Lord moves out to be despised and rejected of men. This tried and precious stone would become the headstone, and so ancient prophecy was fulfilled (cf. Gen 49:24). His exaltation should be marvellous in our eyes, for He is marvellous. The day of His salvation and exaltation is the cause of the believer’s joy and rejoicing. Christ has shed forth the Gospel light, the central illumination being the binding of the sacrifice, Christ the Lamb of God, to the horns of the altar. His vicarious atonement is our praise and glory.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: Crediton (v15-29), Winchester (v1-14)


Psalm 118

¹O praise the LORD, for he is good;
His mercy lasteth ever.
²Let those of Israel now say,
His mercy faileth never.

³Now let the house of Aaron say,
His mercy lasteth ever.
⁴Let those that fear the LORD now say,
His mercy faileth never.

⁵I in distress call’d on the LORD;
The LORD did answer me:
He in a large place did me set,
From trouble made me free.

⁶The mighty LORD is on my side,
I will not be afraid;
For any thing that man can do
I shall not be dismay’d.

⁷The LORD doth take my part with them
That help to succour me:
Therefore on those that do me hate
I my desire shall see.

⁸Better it is to trust in GOD
Than trust in man’s defence;
⁹Better to trust in GOD than make
Princes our confidence.

¹⁰The nations, joining all in one,
Did compass me about:
But in the LORD’s most holy name
I shall them all root out.

¹¹They compass’d me about; I say,
They compass’d me about:
But in the LORD’s most holy name
I shall them all root out.

¹²Like bees they compass’d me about;
Like unto thorns that flame
They quenched are: for them shall I
Destroy in GOD’s own name.

¹³Thou sore hast thrust, that I might fall,
But my LORD helped me.
¹⁴GOD my salvation is become,
My strength and song is he.

¹⁵In dwellings of the righteous
Is heard the melody
Of joy and health: the LORD’s right hand
Doth ever valiantly.

¹⁶The right hand of the mighty LORD
Exalted is on high;
The right hand of the mighty LORD
Doth ever valiantly.

¹⁷I shall not die, but live, and shall
The works of GOD discover.
¹⁸The LORD hath me chastised sore,
But not to death giv’n over.

¹⁹O set ye open unto me
The gates of righteousness;
Then will I enter into them,
And I the LORD will bless.

²⁰This is the gate of GOD, by it
The just shall enter in.
²¹Thee will I praise, for thou me heard’st
And hast my safety been.

²²That stone is made head corner–stone,
Which builders did despise:
²³This is the doing of the LORD,
And wondrous in our eyes.

²⁴This is the day GOD made, in it
We’ll joy triumphantly.
²⁵Save now, I pray thee, LORD; I pray,
Send now prosperity.

²⁶Blessed is he in GOD’s great name
That cometh us to save:
We, from the house which to the LORD
Pertains, you blessed have.

²⁷God is the LORD, who unto us
Hath made light to arise:
Bind ye unto the altar’s horns
With cords the sacrifice.

²⁸Thou art my God, I’ll thee exalt;
My God, I will thee praise.
²⁹Give thanks to GOD, for he is good:
His mercy lasts always.