Psalm 119:97-104 (13th part)

1650 psalter
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A pilgrim and stranger guided day and night by the Law of the Lord

If psalm 117 is the shortest, this is the longest. It is unusual in many respects. It is divided into twenty-two sections, so being commensurate with the Hebrew alphabet. Each section is prefixed with the respective letter of the alphabet, as also is the beginning of each verse in every section. It is thought that this facilitated easier memorising for the Jewish children.

Another peculiar feature is, that apart from two verses all the rest contain a synonym for the Word of God. So there is reference to testimonies, judgments, statutes, precepts, etc. The whole psalm describes devotion to, and persuasion of, the Word of God as containing all the principles of true religion and practice. Without it we have no light to our path, nor lamp for our feet; and by it, as with the book of Proverbs, there is given divine wisdom for conducting ourselves in all circumstances of life. One has written of v. 174, “Religion will decay or flourish as it (the Law) is our duty or delight.”

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: St Paul

St Paul

Psalm 119:97-104

Mem מ the thirteenth part

⁹⁷O how love I thy law! it is
My study all the day:
⁹⁸It makes me wiser than my foes;
For it doth with me stay.

⁹⁹Than all my teachers now I have
More understanding far;
Because my meditation
Thy testimonies are.

¹⁰⁰In understanding I excel
Those that are ancients;
For I endeavoured to keep
All thy commandements.

¹⁰¹My feet from each ill way I stay’d,
That I may keep thy word.
¹⁰²I from thy judgments have not swerv’d;
For thou hast taught me, Lord.

¹⁰³How sweet unto my taste, O Lord,
Are all thy words of truth!
Yea, I do find them sweeter far
Than honey to my mouth.

¹⁰⁴I through thy precepts, that are pure,
Do understanding get;
I therefore ev’ry way that’s false
With all my heart do hate.