Psalm 20

1650 psalter

Messiah Prayed for, and Prayed to, by His Waiting People

It seems that David was about to lead his armies against their enemies. In the first five verses, his subjects prayed for him and the victory, which by faith, they envisaged. To have such a prayer-supporting people encourages David in v. 6, to believe that God would be his strength and salvation. Then from v. 7 onwards, the national chorus once again petitions the Lord with confidence. David shadows a greater King, who would know deliverance and victory. Christ’s people ought then to pray for His victory in the earth, and the overthrow of the enemies of His kingdom.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Psalm 20

¹JEHOVAH hear thee in the day
When trouble he doth send:
And let the name of Jacob’s God
Thee from all ill defend.

²O let him help send from above,
Out of his sanctuary:
From Zion, his own holy hill,
Let him give strength to thee.

³Let him remember all thy gifts,
Accept thy sacrifice:
⁴Grant thee thine heart’s wish, and fulfil
Thy thoughts and counsel wise.

⁵In thy salvation we will joy;
In our God’s name we will
Display our banners: and the LORD
Thy prayers all fulfil.

⁶Now know I GOD his king doth save:
He from his holy heav’n
Will hear him, with the saving strength
By his own right hand giv’n.

⁷In chariots some put confidence,
Some horses trust upon:
But we remember will the name
Of our LORD God alone.

⁸We rise, and upright stand, when they
Are bowed down, and fall.
⁹Deliver, LORD; and let the King
Us hear, when we do call.