Psalm 28

1650 psalter

The Appeal and Thanksgiving of the Righteous as they View the Tents of the Ungodly

To be surrounded by enemies and an anti-God environment, creates temptation and seductions to believers. David had this experience and comes to God, that he would not suffer him to be drawn into the evil of the day (v. 3). He realised that once he got involved with the spirit of the age and the wisdom of this world, then the compromise would drag him down. Paul reminds the Corinthians (1 Cor.15:33), “Be not deceived; evil communications corrupt good manners.” Which means, make no mistake about it, bad company is the ruin of good character. Many a Christian testimony and profession have been ruined by the pollution of worldly companions.

David prays concerning this, and knew escape from the surrounding workers of iniquity and double speakers. He confesses that the Lord was his shield and his strength. He had taken to himself the shield of faith, and so quenched the fiery darts of the enemy. David was a praying king. Toplady wrote, “We have had praying kings, Alfred, Edward III, Henry V, Edward VI and King William III, but Christ is the praying King, who ever lives to make intercession for us.”

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: Tiverton, Arnold

Psalm 28

¹To thee I’ll cry, O LORD, my rock;
Hold not thy peace to me;
Lest like those that to pit descend
I by thy silence be.

²The voice hear of my humble pray’rs,
When unto thee I cry;
When to thine holy oracle
I lift mine hands on high.

³With ill men draw me not away
That work iniquity;
That speak peace to their friends, while in
Their hearts doth mischief lie.

⁴Give them according to their deeds
And ills endeavoured:
And as their handyworks deserve,
To them be rendered.

⁵God shall not build, but them destroy,
Who would not understand
The LORD’s own works, nor did regard
The doing of his hand.

⁶For ever blessed be the LORD,
For graciously he heard
The voice of my petitions,
And prayers did regard.

⁷The LORD’s my strength and shield; my heart
Upon him did rely;
And I am helped: hence my heart
Doth joy exceedingly,

And with my song I will him praise.
⁸Their strength is GOD alone:
He also is the saving strength
Of his anointed one.

⁹O thine own people do thou save,
Bless thine inheritance;
Them also do thou feed, and them
For evermore advance.