Psalm 57

1650 psalter

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: St Bernard

St Bernard

Psalm 57

¹Be merciful to me, O God;
Thy mercy unto me
Do thou extend; because my soul
Doth put her trust in thee:

Yea, in the shadow of thy wings
My refuge I will place,
Until these sad calamities
Do wholly overpass.

²My cry I will cause to ascend
Unto the Lord most high;
To God, who doth all things for me
Perform most perfectly.

³From heav’n he shall send down, and me
From his reproach defend
That would devour me: God his truth
And mercy forth shall send.

⁴My soul among fierce lions is,
I firebrands live among,
Men’s sons, whose teeth are spears and darts,
A sharp sword is their tongue.

⁵Be thou exalted very high
Above the heav’ns, O God;
Let thou thy glory be advanc’d
O’er all the earth abroad.

⁶My soul’s bow’d down; for they a net
Have laid, my steps to snare:
Into the pit which they have digg’d
For me, they fallen are.

⁷My heart is fix’d, my heart is fix’d,
O God; I’ll sing and praise.
⁸My glory wake; wake psalt’ry, harp;
Myself I’ll early raise.

⁹I’ll praise thee ‘mong the people, Lord;
‘Mong nations sing will I:
¹⁰For great to heav’n thy mercy is,
Thy truth is to the sky.

¹¹O Lord, exalted be thy name
Above the heav’ns to stand:
Do thou thy glory far advance
Above both sea and land.