Psalm 58

1650 psalter

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: St Etheldreda, Evan

St Etheldreda

Psalm 58

¹Do ye, O congregation,
Indeed speak righteousness?
O ye that are the sons of men,
Judge ye with uprightness?

²Yea, ev’n within your very hearts
Ye wickedness have done;
And ye the violence of your hands
Do weigh the earth upon.

³The wicked men estranged are,
Ev’n from the very womb;
They, speaking lies, do stray as soon
As to the world they come.

⁴Unto a serpent’s poison like
Their poison doth appear;
Yea, they are like the adder deaf,
That closely stops her ear;

⁵That so she may not hear the voice
Of one that charm her would,
No, not though he most cunning were,
And charm most wisely could.

⁶Their teeth, O God, within their mouth
Break thou in pieces small;
The great teeth break thou out, O LORD,
Of these young lions all.

⁷Let them like waters melt away,
Which downward still do flow:
In pieces cut his arrows all,
When he shall bend his bow.

⁸Like to a snail that melts away,
Let each of them be gone;
Like woman’s birth untimely, that
They never see the sun.

⁹He shall them take away before
Your pots the thorns can find,
Both living, and in fury great,
As with a stormy wind.

¹⁰The righteous, when he vengeance sees,
He shall be joyful then;
The righteous one shall wash his feet
In blood of wicked men.

¹¹So men shall say, The righteous man
Reward shall never miss:
And verily upon the earth
A God to judge there is.