Psalm 62

1650 psalter

The Righteous One, when threatened, looking to the Rock for help

In this psalm David returns three times to the similitude of God as his Rock. When things are disturbed, life shaken, evil perpetrated, then what a relief and comfort to know that there is One who is solid and immutable, whose years and nature never change. The contrast of the enemy being a bowing or tottering wall, is heightened by this description of God’s rock-like existence.

By example, David shows us that we are to pour out our hearts before Him at all times. And especially as great power belongs unto God. David had heard this once or twice, which stands for ‘repeatedly.’ But it can also mean that two things belong to God, power and then mercy (v. 12). These truths uphold the believer in the time of trouble; there is nothing too hard for the Lord.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: Arnold, St Bernard

St Bernard

Psalm 62

¹My soul with expectation
Depends on God indeed;
My strength and my salvation doth
From him alone proceed.

²He only my salvation is,
And my strong rock is he:
He only is my sure defence;
Much mov’d I shall not be.

³How long will ye against a man
Plot mischief? ye shall all
Be slain; ye as a tott’ring fence
Shall be, and bowing wall.

⁴They only plot to cast him down
From his excellency:
They joy in lies; with mouth they bless,
But they curse inwardly.

⁵My soul, wait thou with patience
Upon thy God alone;
On him dependeth all my hope
And expectation.

⁶He only my salvation is,
And my strong rock is he;
He only is my sure defence:
I shall not moved be.

⁷In God my glory placed is,
And my salvation sure;
In God the rock is of my strength,
My refuge most secure.

⁸Ye people, place your confidence
In him continually;
Before him pour ye out your heart:
God is our refuge high.

⁹Surely mean men are vanity,
And great men are a lie;
In balance laid, they wholly are
More light than vanity.

¹⁰Trust ye not in oppression,
In robb’ry be not vain;
On wealth set not your hearts, when as
Increased is your gain.

¹¹God hath it spoken once to me,
Yea, this I heard again,
That power to Almighty God
Alone doth appertain.

¹²Yea, mercy also unto thee
Belongs, O Lord, alone:
For thou according to his work
Rewardest ev’ry one.