Psalm 69

1650 psalter

Messiah’ s manifold sufferings a savour of death to the Unbelieveving, and of life to the Believing

Verses 4, 9, 21, 22 and 25 are quoted in the New Testament, proving this psalm to be undeniably Messianic despite its imprecatory tone. Our Lord refers verse 4 to Himself in John 15:25. When Christ drove out the moneychangers in John 2:17, the disciples remembered (v. 9). In Matthew 27 34. “They gave Him vinegar to drink,” which was prophesied in v. 21. Paul writing to the Romans shows how the Jews had fulfilled v. 22 (Rom.11:9). And Judas’ betrayal in v. 25 is recorded by the apostles in Acts 1:16 & 20.

Such fulfilment of prophetic foreknowledge serves to strengthen belief in the inspiration and infallibility of Scripture.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: Coleshill (v 1-29), Bishopthorpe


Psalm 69

¹Save me, O God, because the floods
Do so environ me,
That ev’n unto my very soul
Come in the waters be.

²I downward in deep mire do sink,
Where standing there is none:
I am into deep waters come,
Where floods have o’er me gone.

³I weary with my crying am,
My throat is also dried;
Mine eyes do fail, while for my God
I waiting do abide.

⁴Those men that do without a cause
Bear hatred unto me,
Than are the hairs upon my head
In number more they be:

They that would me destroy, and are
Mine en’mies wrongfully,
Are mighty: so what I took not,
To render forc’d was I.

⁵Lord, thou my folly know’st, my sins
Not cover’d are from thee.
⁶Let none that wait on thee be sham’d,
Lord God of hosts, for me.

O Lord, the God of Israel,
Let none, who search do make,
And seek thee, be at any time
Confounded for my sake.

⁷For I have borne reproach for thee,
My face is hid with shame.
⁸To brethren strange, to mother’s sons
An alien I became.

⁹Because the zeal did eat me up,
Which to thine house I bear;
And the reproaches cast at thee,
Upon me fallen are.

¹⁰My tears and fasts, to afflict my soul,
Were turned to my shame.
¹¹When sackcloth I did wear, to them
A proverb I became.

¹²The men that in the gate do sit
Against me evil spake;
They also that vile drunkards were
Of me their song did make.

¹³But, in an acceptable time,
My pray’r, LORD, is to thee:
In truth of thy salvation, Lord,
And mercy great, hear me.

¹⁴Deliver me out of the mire,
From sinking do me keep;
Free me from those that do me hate,
And from the waters deep.

¹⁵Let not the flood on me prevail,
Whose water overflows;
Nor deep me swallow, nor the pit
Her mouth upon me close.

¹⁶Hear me, O LORD, because thy love
And kindness is most good;
Turn unto me, according to
Thy mercies’ multitude.

¹⁷Nor from thy servant hide thy face:
I’m troubled, soon attend.
¹⁸Draw near my soul, and it redeem;
Me from my foes defend.

¹⁹To thee is my reproach well known,
My shame, and my disgrace:
Those that mine adversaries be
Are all before thy face.

²⁰Reproach hath broke my heart; I’m full
Of grief: I look’d for one
To pity me, but none I found;
Comforters found I none.

²¹They also bitter gall did give
Unto me for my meat:
They gave me vinegar to drink,
When as my thirst was great.

²²Before them let their table prove
A snare; and do thou make
Their welfare and prosperity
A trap themselves to take.

²³Let thou their eyes so darken’d be,
That sight may them forsake;
And let their loins be made by thee
Continually to shake.

²⁴Thy fury pour thou out on them,
And indignation;
And let thy wrathful anger, Lord,
Fast hold take them upon.

²⁵All waste and desolate let be
Their habitation;
And in their tabernacles all
Inhabitants be none.

²⁶Because him they do persecute,
Whom thou didst smite before;
They talk unto the grief of those
Whom thou hast wounded sore.

²⁷Add thou iniquity unto
Their former wickedness;
And do not let them come at all
Into thy righteousness.

²⁸Out of the book of life let them
Be raz’d and blotted quite;
Among the just and righteous
Let not their names be writ.

²⁹But now become exceeding poor
And sorrowful am I:
By thy salvation, O my God,
Let me be set on high.

³⁰The name of God I with a song
Most cheerfully will praise;
And I, in giving thanks to him,
His name shall highly raise.

³¹This to the LORD a sacrifice
More gracious shall prove
Than bullock, ox, or any beast
That hath both horn and hoof.

³²When this the humble men shall see,
It joy to them shall give:
O all ye that do seek the Lord,
Your hearts shall ever live.

³³For GOD the poor hears, and will not
His prisoners contemn.
³⁴Let heav’n, and earth, and seas, him praise,
And all that move in them.

³⁵For God will Judah’s cities build,
And he will Zion save,
That they may dwell therein, and it
In sure possession have.

³⁶And they that are his servants’ seed
Inherit shall the same;
So shall they have their dwelling there
That love his blessed name.