Psalm 70 (II)

1650 psalter

One of the Righteous One’s strong cries for speedy help

It may be a short psalm, but it captures and expresses a very human experience. We, as with David, pass through conflict and oppositions, which often plunge us into darkness and impatience. In our haste to be brought out of our difficulties, we try to quicken God. Notice that David three times hastens God, and with a fourth says “Make no tarrying.” We forget that God is working, even in the midst of our discomfort. It is natural to want an early deliverance, and it is not sinful to desire it, but we cannot hurry God.

We know that all things work for good to them that love God, and that ought to caution our demands. Knowing His salvation, we can testify, “Let God be magnified.”

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: Kilmarnock


Psalm 70 – Second Version (Common metre)

¹Make haste, O God, me to preserve;
With speed, LORD, succour me.
²Let them that for my soul do seek
Sham’d and confounded be:

Let them be turned back, and sham’d,
That in my hurt delight.
³Turn’d back be they, Ha, ha! that say,
Their shaming to requite.

⁴O Lord, in thee let all be glad,
And joy that seek for thee:
Let them who thy salvation love
Say still, God praised be.

⁵But I both poor and needy am;
Come, Lord, and make no stay:
My help thou and deliv’rer art;
O LORD, make no delay.