Psalm 82

1650 psalter

Messiah the true Judge of a misgoverned world

This specifically is directed to those who are in authority in this world. The use of the word ‘gods’ pertains to magistrates and those who bear the sword of rule and justice. Prophetically, it looks especially to the time when Christ reproved the Jewish rulers of His day in John 10:34,35. There are clear principles of government laid down in this psalm, but the Jews had neglected such. Justice was perverted, the poor and needy neglected, and the unscrupulous used these unfortunates for their own ends. Although this happened for a season, God would not be mocked, for they would be held accountable. These civil and ecclesiastical powers are ordained by God, and are His ministers, writes Paul, but they will answer ultimately to Him for their stewardship.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: St Paul

St Paul

Psalm 82

¹In gods’ assembly God doth stand;
He judgeth gods among.
²How long, accepting persons vile,
Will ye give judgment wrong?

³Defend the poor and fatherless;
To poor oppress’d do right.
⁴The poor and needy ones set free;
Rid them from ill men’s might.

⁵They know not, nor will understand;
In darkness they walk on:
All the foundations of the earth
Out of their course are gone.

⁶I said that ye are gods, and are
Sons of the Highest all:
⁷But ye shall die like men, and as
One of the princes fall.

⁸O God, do thou raise up thyself,
The earth to judgment call:
For thou, as thine inheritance,
Shalt take the nations all.