Psalm 87

1650 psalter

The glory of the place where the Righteous One shall be manifested

Though the mountain of Zion is of no comparison to the heights of others, yet it is where God determined to dwell. The foundation of worship and its ordinances were laid in Jerusalem or Zion in the old economy, but that prefigured the church to come. Actually, God’s eternal purposes are laid as a foundation in Christ in the holy mountains of eternity. There is no other foundation.

To be born in the great countries and cities that then dominated, i.e. Egypt, Babylon, Ethiopia, could be a worldly privilege. Yet to be born in Zion, the glorious city or church of Christ is an inestimable blessing. To be born is to be regenerated, which usually happens under the gospel and ordinances of the church. The elect are not only on the church membership roll, but their higher distinction is that they are on God’s register.

All our springs and fountains are in the church. That is where the fountain of life flows, and it springs from the Lord Jesus Christ. So John 7:37.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: York

Psalm 87

¹Upon the hills of holiness
He his foundation sets.
²GOD, more than Jacob’s dwellings all,
Delights in Zion’s gates.

³Things glorious are said of thee,
Thou city of the Lord.
⁴Rahab and Babel I, to those
That know me, will record:

Behold ev’n Tyrus, and with it
The land of Palestine,
And likewise Ethiopia;
This man was born therein.

⁵And it of Zion shall be said,
This man and that man there
Was born; and he that is most High
Himself shall stablish her.

⁶When GOD the people writes, he’ll count
That this man born was there.
⁷There be that sing and play; and all
My well–springs in thee are.