Psalm 92

1650 psalter

The Righteous One’s Sabbath-song, anticipating final rest and prosperity

The title designates this psalm to be sung on the Sabbath day, or at least to be remembered for the Sabbath. Seven of the following psalms have no title, so this one may be an introduction to an octave of praise suitable for the Lord’s Day.

We can ask ourselves whether we regularly discover experimentally that it is a good thing to give thanks and praise to our God. Or are our hearts dry, and our tongues silent in the weekly rote of worship? There is a gladness in the soul of the psalmist that causes him to triumph over the forces of evil. And if one is planted and established in the house of God, then he will be praising in the house of God, no matter his longevity. Old age does not mean the end to usefulness, as it is promised that such ones shall be fruitful and flourishing.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Psalm 92

¹To render thanks unto the LORD
It is a comely thing,
And to thy name, O thou most High,
Due praise aloud to sing.

²Thy loving–kindness to show forth
When shines the morning light;
And to declare thy faithfulness
With pleasure ev’ry night.

³On a ten–stringed instrument,
Upon the psaltery,
And on the harp with solemn sound,
And grave sweet melody.

⁴For thou, LORD, by thy mighty works
Hast made my heart right glad;
And I will triumph in the works
Which by thine hands were made.

⁵How great, LORD, are thy works! each thought
Of thine a deep it is:
⁶A brutish man it knoweth not;
Fools understand not this.

⁷When those that lewd and wicked are
Spring quickly up like grass,
And workers of iniquity
Do flourish all apace;

It is that they for ever may
Destroyed be and slain;
⁸But thou, O LORD, art the most High,
For ever to remain.

⁹For, lo, thine enemies, O LORD,
Thine en’mies perish shall;
The workers of iniquity
Shall be dispersed all.

¹⁰But thou shalt, like unto the horn
Of th’ unicorn, exalt
My horn on high: thou with fresh oil
Anoint me also shalt.

¹¹Mine eyes shall also my desire
See on mine enemies;
Mine ears shall of the wicked hear
That do against me rise.

¹²But like the palm–tree flourishing
Shall be the righteous one;
He shall like to the cedar grow
That is in Lebanon.

¹³Those that within the house of GOD
Are planted by his grace,
They shall grow up, and flourish all
In our God’s holy place.

¹⁴And in old age, when others fade,
They fruit still forth shall bring;
They shall be fat, and full of sap,
And aye be flourishing;

¹⁵To show that upright is the LORD:
He is a rock to me;
And he from all unrighteousness
Is altogether free.