Psalm 93

1650 psalter

Messiah’s kingdom stilling the uproar of the nations

The title of this psalm speaks of the majesty, power and holiness of Christ’s kingdom, a truth that should be ever present with us when surrounded by the evil of the day.

Our eye of faith should behold, and then believe, that the Lord reigneth. The power and authority of His throne extends backwards into eternity, and forward into timelessness. It is so established that it cannot be shaken, disturbed or submerged by the mightiest waves. God reigns; Christ reigns high over all, and governs by the Word of His power. His testimonies, which are His revealed will, are sure and steadfast, and govern all, especially His people. Holiness is the end result of His reign, and it will be particularly manifested in His house.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Psalm 93

¹The LORD doth reign, and cloth’d is he
With majesty most bright;
His works do show him cloth’d to be,
And girt about with might.

The world is also stablished,
That it cannot depart.
²Thy throne is fix’d of old, and thou
From everlasting art.

³The floods, O LORD, have lifted up,
They lifted up their voice;
The floods have lifted up their waves,
And made a mighty noise.

⁴But yet the LORD, that is on high,
Is more of might by far
Than noise of many waters is,
Or great sea–billows are.

⁵Thy testimonies ev’ry one
In faithfulness excel;
And holiness for ever, LORD,
Thine house becometh well.