Psalm 99

1650 psalter

Messiah ruling in holiness

Christ reigns from between the cherubims. That figuratively was true in the Old Testament tabernacle, but it is fulfilled now in Christ reigning in glory, surrounded by all the angels. He shall reign until His enemies be made His footstool, not only in Heaven, but He is great in Zion, the Church.

We are not to be hesitant in calling upon such a high and kingly Christ, for both priests and prophets did so, and He answered them. Though they were sinners, as we, and though God in justice had to chasten them because of their sins, yet He also forgave them. That is a blessed salve and solace to us, that there is forgiveness with Him. Therefore, let us magnify and exalt Him in the church, His holy hill, for He is holy. Three times it is confirmed, “God is holy.” So sang the seraphims, Holy, Holy, Holy, a Trinitarian tri-hagion.

Pastor Jeff O’ Neil

Recommended Tune: Old 44th

Old 44th

Psalm 99

¹Th’ eternal LORD doth reign as king,
Let all the people quake;
He sits between the cherubims,
Let th’ earth be mov’d and shake.

²The LORD in Zion great and high
Above all people is;
³Thy great and dreadful name (for it
Is holy) let them bless.

⁴The king’s strength also judgment loves;
Thou settlest equity:
Just judgment thou dost execute
In Jacob righteously.

⁵The LORD our God exalt on high,
And rev’rently do ye
Before his footstool worship him:
The Holy One is he.

⁶Moses and Aaron ‘mong his priests,
Samuel, with them that call
Upon his name: these call’d on GOD,
And he them answer’d all.

⁷Within the pillar of the cloud
He unto them did speak:
The testimonies he them taught,
And laws, they did not break.

⁸Thou answer’dst them, O LORD our God;
Thou wast a God that gave
Pardon to them, though on their deeds
Thou wouldest vengeance have.

⁹Do ye exalt the LORD our God,
And at his holy hill
Do ye him worship: for the LORD
Our God is holy still.